Advanced Gateway Appliance

Complete Internet Access & Management Solutions For Every Vertical

As per the recent study, 63% of business travelers globally check the availability of Wi-Fi services prior to booking a hotel, while 24% assume a hotel has internet. If majority of travelers are making hotel bookings based on Wi-Fi availability, providing them with such a service will ensure more customer loyalty. The aim of the hospitality industry is always to offer best-in-class services for the guests visiting the hotel. Hotel wifi service is a basic amenity in the guest’s check list. Hotels are in need of comprehensive wifi hotspot software that manages high speed internet access for guests, allows fair distribution of bandwidth, pre-integrated system with hotel PMS integration, and unified hotel internet billing system, to offer smooth internet services to guest for meetings, conferences, seminars, events, etc.

Access Management

WiJungle Access Management offers robust Authentication, Authorization and Accounting feature to manage several users at a time. With the inbuilt database it provides the option to authenticate the user via captive portals, to authorize them based on Mac and IP. It has PAP and CHAP support. Users can also be directed to social media, Promotional video/image and brand pages after authentication./

User/Guest/ Management

It offers the option to cluster the guests/users into groups and apply different policies. Also enables the facility to import past guests/user data for internet access, which inturn makes migration easy. WiJungle Guest/user Management is relient with both roaming users like guests and fixed users like staff members. It gives the option to block, activate and dynamic switch a user from one group to another.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management is among one of the most crucial feature and demand feature in the market. Feature to limit data and speed usage along with the time makes the guest/user managment quite easier. Organisations can allot different speed and data usage policies to guests/user based on their room type/profile.

Web Filtering

Web filtering offers the freedom to block a particular category or individual websites in order to lower down the data usage. With WiJungle, time based blocking helps hotels/resorts to manage things more prominently.

Captive Portal Capabilities

Set different captive portals for fixed and roaming users. WiJungle gives the facility to personalise the login page and customise the captive form fields. Our design responsiveness eliminates the need to create different captives for mobiles and laptops.

Voucher Management

Create and generate different policy/room based vouchers for guests and hand over the printables while check-in. Extensive Voucher Management of WiJungle also helps hotels to generate event based vouchers for Conference rooms/Banquet halls. Guest's self registration aligns tracking their activities with corresponding voucher id.

Network Firewall

WiJunle being an advanced gateway solutions saves your internal network from various network attacks. Its prevents all types of DoS and DNS spoofing. It also increase security against Viruses, Malwares, ransomwares etc. and hence keep the network smooth and secure.

Package Management

Different hourly/daily internet packages can be created and assigned to guests/users with the auto/manual renewal. Package management eases the creation of Banquet Halls/Conference room plans/auditoriums.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

IDPS is necessary to detect and prevent attacks from within the network. WiJungle has 1000+ default signatures along with the auto update feature. Its IPS system suggests what is Recommended or to allow or drop packets.

Load Balancing

Load balancer manages two or more WAN networks and delivers the combined bandwidth output in the network. Hotels can allot the traffic preferences to links like primary and secondary so that bandwidth utilisation takes place in the same way. WiJungle smoothly manages the fail over and diverts the traffic.

Surfing Logs

Making and storing guests surfing logs to handle easy tracking. WiJungle is the only appliance in its segment which gives inbuilt logs storage facility for a complete period of 1 year along with searchable feature. This reduces the cumbersome of taking backups bimonthly or monthly and enhances security.

Prepaid/Postpaid Billing

Proper Accouting/Billing Internet usage is highly required in hotels. With WiJungle the biiling based on exact data usage maximizes the revenues of hotels. Both prepaid and postpaid billings are possible.

Alert Management

Alert Management helps to alert the guests/users so that end moment hurdles dont come the way. It helps to alert users when a certain data limit is consumed/over. It also notifies them for renews and voucher expiries. MAC based auto notify is a boon for users/guests to alert them if network is available.

Guest Personalization

WiJungle Guest/Customer Personalization is the most sophisticated feature and the backbone of hospitality. WiJungle gives the feature to alert the administrator whenever a guest is having his birthday. In addition to that administrator has the option to set a template or send customised birthday wish SMS to them. Adminsitrator can also configure the thank you SMS, which can be sent out to guests after check out. Also guests can be wished on special/festive days and thus keeping them in touch with hotels and make them feel personal.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most important tools of marketing. WiJungle Social Media Engagement feature puts forth the ption of FB Checkin, Like, Google Review just after the login. Its helps guests to easily locate your place and at the very same time increases your organic page reach and engagement.

SMS Gateway

Wijungle makes you available the pre configured SMS gateway with unlimited authentication SMS. WiJungle also leases out the option to configure a custom gateway to send promotional messages to guests. It also facilitates you to manage out different templates.

Third Party Integration

WiJungle team can always be requested out for Third Party Application Integration.

Highly User Friendly GUI

What makes us stand apart is our User Friendly GUI. Its so simple and elegant that even a non technical person can govern and operate it. WiJungle gives the english translation of every network configuration you set. Now universities dont need a special network/tech guy to operate it. And hence HR cost can be cut out.

Zero-Network Configuration

WiJungle makes it easy for guests to use the internet. Guests can directly connect their devices - laptops, mobiles without configuring any network settings and access the internet.

Personalised Development

WiJungle Team can be requested out for personalised development of a feature.

Seamless Roaming

User convenience is what matters to us most. WiJungle offers seamless roaming for users so that they dont have to authenticate when they move from wired network to wireless network of premise or vice versa.